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Gil Scott comedy & magic

One of our most successful acts! It’s no trick for Gil to have your group laughing one minute and scratching their heads in wonder the next. It is rather the result of thousands of performances and over 30 years of experience in delivering the best in good clean comedy.


 Barbara Jean ventriloquist 

Barbara’s charm can add a touch of class and fun to almost any event. Barbara was Miss Michigan 1984 and won the Miss America talent competition in Atlantic City! A special treat is Barbara’s friend Granny who wryly comments on the passing scene and Beandip’s rendition of La Bamba will have you group tapping their toes and laughing out loud at the same time!

Ken Schultz comedy juggler

For over 20 years Ken Schultz, “The Flying Fool”, has been dazzling audiences across the United States & Canada. Ken’s show is time tested, clean & has positive fun that will not offend, but rather bring the best out of any group. The real magic of Ken’s show is his use of audience participation where he lets the audience become part of the show, guiding them through a ridiculous adventure. The comic freshness of Ken’s character and  improvisation keeps the audience laughing and smiling throughout the show.

Craig Tornquist musical impressionist

Craig Tornquist has performed more than 3,000 clean stand-up comedy shows for corporate, church, festival, and school audiences from Los Angeles to New York! He has warmed-up concert crowds for Jay Leno, Sinbad, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons (the original Jersey Boys,) Marty Stuart, Lee Greenwood, The Spinners, and many more! Best-known for his hilarious audience participation routines,  and dead-on celebrity impressions,he has spent more than 25 years proving tenet that, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Hypnotism by Keith

You are sitting in the front row and several of your good friends are up on a stage to volunteer for Keith  Krazy Hypnosis show. Keith, a certified hypnotherapist, induces a hypnotic trance and you see your friends, one by one, drop to the floor sound asleep and by speaking just a few words, one of your friends suddenly jumps to her feet, grabs the microphone, and starts singing because she believes she is Madonna. Another friend has a horrified look on his face because he cannot find his pet canary and somebody in the audience has stolen it. Somebody else is frantically scratching all over her body from imaginary insects.

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