Inflatable Games and Events


Hours of bouncing fun on the inflated pillow of the moonwalk. Kids love to jump and have fun in the moonwalk. We will have it set up and delivered to your picnic and also provide a skilled operator to assure that everyone is safe and has a good time. All that is required is an area with access to electricity to operate the air pump. If electricity is not available we can provide a generator at a modest fee. A hit year after year!

  • Sumo Wrestling – participants dress in large padded sumo costumes and try to bounce each other out of the ring.
  • Bungi Run – participants on inflated run try to see how far they can stretch the bungi cord before it pulls them back.
  • Speed Pitch – participants test their pitching skills in inflated baseball/football arena. The speed of the pitch is electronically measured and displayed.
  • Obstacle Course – Two participants at a time try to master the hills and tubes of the obstacle course.
  • Many Many More!

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